Monthly Minutes January 2013

The Village of Wilbur Park St. Louis, MO 63123
January 15, 2013 – Monthly Minutes

1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. St. Louis County Police Officer Rehagen in attendance. Rich Warren not in attendance. No Village residents in attendance.

2. December 2012 minutes reviewed. Meeting minutes stand as presented.

3. Treasurer’s Report for November 2012 presented by Treasurer JC Wheeler.

December 2012 Total Income $18,147.65

Total Expense $11,264.99

Net Income(Loss) $ 6,882.66

Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2012 presented. Profit and Loss Statement presented. Profit and Loss

Budgeted vs Actual presented. Sewer Lateral report presented. Sewer later fund balance at $15,973.22,

Includes proceeds from 2012 tax collection. 9040 Rosemary sewer repairs still pending. Year 2013 Budget approved by the Village Board of Trustees.

4. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Joe Wilhite in Rich Warren’s absence.

No permits issued. No inspections made. No Road and Building issues to report.

5. Solid Waste Hauling Report presented by Ben Gathard.

No waste hauling issues to report. No calls received regarding changed schedule during Holidays.

6. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

No Yard Sale activity. No other issues to discuss.

7. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.

Contractor Awareness Meeting notice from St. Louis County Health Department to discuss rules, regulations, demolition waste recycling, and new policies regarding asbestos abatement, renovation and demolition of structures.

Police report presented by Chairman Joe Wilhite.

Total Contract patrols 196 1805 minutes spent Average minutes per Contract Patrols 9.21

Total Other Patrols 4 108 minutes spent Average minutes per Other Patrols 26.99

Officer Rehagen reported crime down in Affton, however, car break-ins are continuing, Advised everyone to keep packages and other items in car out of sight and to always keep vehicles locked.

8. Special Projects report presented by Sue Schleicher.

Winter 2013 Newsletter content discussed. Newsletter to be mailed to all Village residents. Sue pointed out that the Newsletter specifically mentions the definition of domesticated animal as defined by the ordinance, which prohibits chickens.


9. New Business

No new business.

Meeting adjourned 8:00pm.


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