Monthly Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2021



April 20, 2021



  1. Meeting called to Order at 7:05.  Board Members Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren, Mike Edwards, JC Wheeler and Donna Gravatt present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster present.  Officer Dan Schroeder not present.   We are in a web meeting because of COVID-19.

2. March 2021 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted.

3. March 2021 Police Activity Report presented by Neal

Total Calls for Service: 289                                                                   Self-Initiated Calls:  3

       Total Contract Patrols: 266                                                                   Directed Calls:  13

Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols: 2820.7            Reports Written: 1

        Summonses Issued:  0

        Average Minutes per Contract Patrol:  10.6                                      Total Arrests: 0

4. Treasurer’s Report for March 2021 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income $10,110.95
Total Expense $11,566.61
Net Income $-1,455.56

March 2021 Profit & Loss Statement presented.  Balance Sheet as of March 31,                       2021.  The Net Income was a negative because of the Trustee Fees.

The balance of the Sewer Lateral Funds is $3,103.45 as of March 31, 2021.  


           Any camera footage from sewer lateral inspections is on file with St. Louis County.

          All of the sewer lateral lines should run parallel to the street.  If the collapse is under            any house, the sewer lateral program does not apply.  That is the responsibility of                  the home owner.

          A resident on Philo is convinced he is still on septic.  The Board doesn’t think this is              the case.  That resident is having issues with the sewer backing up in the basement                and had to leave the house for 3 days.

The balance of the Prop P funds is $56,477.29.

All trustees accepted the Financial report.

5. Road & Building Commissioner’s Report presented by Mike Edwards.

         Mike went around and sprayed orange paint on areas that need repairs.  He is having            trouble getting quotes for such a small job, but is still trying.

More conversation about the property at 9039 Kathleen.  There are conflicting                     ordinances with the County and Wilbur Park.  Wilbur Park does not allow boarded                up windows and the County does.  It doesn’t seem wise at this point to try to take                  this property owner to court since the courts are backed up because of COVID.                      Wilbur Park has done everything to try to get these problems resolved.  Bob said all              notices have been sent.  Wilbur Park needs to arrange to get the job done and we will            have to put a lien on the property.

Other items:  fence permit on Philo, occupancy inspection on Hershey failed and a                house for sale on Kathleen.

6. Waste Management Report presented by Heidi Warren.

7. Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.

8.  Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

Neal changed the mailing address for the Election Board to the PO box.

Wilbur Park needs to change the administrator for the Website, Facebook page, and            mailing list.  The Board needs to be in control of what is posted and should be the                  contact for the Wilbur Park residents.

           Need major overhaul of the Wilbur Park website.  It is not informative and not user-             friendly.  Neal asks the Board to review website and make suggestions at the Board               Meeting.

            Bob has moved his office to 7800 Forsythe Blvd, Suite 600, Clayton, MO 63105

9. New Business


10. Motion to adjourn made by Neal and JC seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40.

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