Monthly Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2021



February 16, 2021



  1. Meeting called to Order at 7:00.  Board Members Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren, Mike Edwards, JC Wheeler and Donna Gravatt present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster present and Officer Dan Schroeder not present.   We are in a web meeting because of COVID-19.

2.  January 2021 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted.

3.  January 2021 Police Activity Report

           No police report submitted.

4.  Treasurer’s Report for January 2021 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income                  $10,827.79

Total Expenses               $  6,855.84

Net Income                     $3,971,92

January 2021 Profit & Loss Statement presented.  Balance Sheet as of January 31,                  2021.  

Discussed the current sewer lateral program.  Bob checked into the limits, and it                     appears that we cannot put a limit on the current program.

Shrewsbury, Fenton and Brentwood all have sewer lateral limits, with $4500 being              the highest and $2500 being the lowest.

Bob will look into the County’s sewer lateral program, i.e., guidelines and how                        much for another municipality would charge to administer Wilbur Park’s.

All trustees accepted the Financial report.

5.  Road & Building Commissioner’s Report presented by Mike Edwards.

            Neal is going to help Mike with a few building tasks, as Mike has been really busy at              work.

There appeared to be a water main break on Autumn.  Mike didn’t know the                           outcome, but Neal and/or JC will look into it.

6.  Waste Management Report presented by Heidi Warren.

            During the snow, the trash pickup was changed to Thursday and the recycle will be              back on track next week.

7.  Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.

            Bob would like an outline of the steps taken during election filing, candidacy files,                etc.

8.  Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

Neal sent all information and paperwork to Cares Act and Deloitte and Touche will               verify documents.  No news as of today.

9.  New Business


10.  Motion to adjourn made by JC and Neal seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:35.

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