Monthly Meeting Minutes – July 21st, 2020



July 21, 2020


  1. Meeting called to Order at 7:07.  Board Members Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren, Mike Edwards, JC Wheeler and Donna Gravatt present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster also present.  Officer Dan Schroeder was not present.  We are in a web meeting because of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home orders.  

2.  May meeting minutes reviewed and stand as presented.  JC accepted and Neal                        seconded.

3.  June 2020 Police Activity Report presented by Neal.

Total Calls for Service: 238                                                                  Self-Initiated Calls:  6

      Total Contract Patrols: 210                                                                 Directed Calls:  13

Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols: 2107.8           Reports Written: 2

      Summonses Issued:  0

      Average Minutes per Contract Patrol:  10.0                                   Total Arrests: 0

      Minibike issue is continuing

      9020 Philo voiced concern about barking dog.  Neal told them to call Police.

4.  Treasurer’s Report for June 2020 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income $9,718.49
Total Expense $10,322.75
Net Income $-604.26

         June 2020 Profit & Loss Statement presented.  Balance Sheet as of June 30, 2020.               Sewer Lateral program had a balance of $3,666.84 at the end of June 2020.  The                   sewer laterals which have been scheduled but not finished due to COVID, will use up           the remainder of the funds.

         Annual filing finished and sent to Missouri Ethics Commission

          Motion to accept Treasurer’s report was made by Neal and seconded by Heidi.

5. Road & Building Commissioner’s Report presented by Mike Edwards.

Mike did not make it to the house on Dana regarding their carport.

       Four new occupancy permit inspection

       Called Preservation Properties to take care of the issues with 9039 Kathleen.  One                 neighbor voiced concern about property values.  There might be charges associated               with using Preservation Properties.

        There has been a request for street sweeping.  Sediment washing down the street and          lands at their driveway.  St. Louis County is not interested in this service so we will                have to find a private company.

        Bob asked about the camper on Overton.  The residents were told they could not park          there and it has not become an issue.

6.  Waste Management Report presented by Heidi Warren.

        Nothing to report.

7.  Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.

        Nothing to report.

8.   Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

          Resident on Kathleen puts out trash several days before trash pickup

          Several houses for sale

          9039 is now in the hands of Preservation Properties

9.   New Business

           Bob received the executed police contract

           Heidi working on the newsletter and calling website designer to voice issues on                     uploading

           JC and Mike took Oath to be Trustees again

           Positions: Neal – chairman           JC motion with Mike second

          JC – treasurer                                   Neal motion with Donna second

          Heidi – waste                                    Neal motion with JC second

           Mike – roads                                    Neal motion with JC second

           Donna – clerk                                  Neal motion with Heidi second

           These positions will be good until April 2021

10.  Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Neal and JC seconded the motion.  Meeting             adjourned at 7:49.

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