Monthly Meeting Minutes – August 21, 2018

The Village of Wilbur Park

St. Louis County, MO  63123

August 21, 2018

Monthly Minutes


  1. Meeting Called to Order at 7:01pm. Board Members  JC Wheeler, Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren,  and Mike Edwards present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster in attendance.   Affton Southwest Precinct Officer Dan Schroeder present.

Three Village Residents in attendance.

2. J.C Wheeler Nominated as Interim Chair Person by Heidi Warren. Nomination Seconded by Neal Vohsen.  Remaining Board Members Voted Unanimously to Nominate JC Wheeler as Interim Board Chair Person.

3,  July 2018 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as Presented.

4.  Discussion of the Resignation of Board Chairman, Joseph Wilhite. JC Wheeler read a Proclamation which will be Permanently Engraved and Presented to Joseph Wilhite for his Dedicated Service to the Village Of Wilbur Park.  Dan Schroeder stated that the St. Louis County Police, Affton Precinct, will be Awarding A Citizen Service Citation to Joseph Wilhite.

5.  July 2018 Police Activity Report presented by Dan Schroeder.

Total Calls for Service:  214                                                                          Self-Initiated Calls:  5

Total Contract Patrols:  188                                                                         Directed Calls:  8

Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols   2079.10                  Reports Written:  5

Average Minutes per Contract Patrol    11.1                                            Total Arrests:  1

Approximately 10 arrests have been made in connection with the Automobile Break-Ins and  Theft during June in The Village of Wilbur Park.

  1. Treasurer’s Report for July 2018 presented by JC Wheeler.

           July 2018             Total Income               $ 14,667.24

Total Expense             $   7,674.82

Net Income (Loss)      $   6,992.42

July 2018 Profit & Loss Statement presented.  Balance Sheet as of  July 31, 2018 presented.  Profit & Loss Budget Actual for the period January 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018. Sewer Lateral Municipal Receipts report presented. Treasury Reports stand as presented.

JC Wheeler provided a full Explanation of The Sewer Lateral Process as Overseen and Conducted by St. Louis County  On Behalf of The Village Of Wilbur Park.  Heidi Warren to Provide Information to JC Wheeler for Editing Quick Books to Accommodate Not For Profit Reporting.

7.  Road & Bldg. Commissioners Report presented by Mike Edwards.

Zoning Approval for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling at 9052 Rosemary Avenue. Building Inspection Approved and Occupancy Permit Pending at 9020 Kathleen Avenue.  Fast Sign Quote to Replace Fallen Road Signs Throughout The Village. Discussed Record Retention Requirements Discussed.

  1. Waste Management Report presented by Heidi Warren.

No Waste Management Issues to Report.


 Village Clerk Report.

Ordinance Copies sent to Two Village Residents on Kathleen Ave regarding the Allowable Time Periods for Yard Waste Curb Disposal in advance of Scheduled Pickup.

Discussion of Single Phone Line Service for Board of Trustees to provide improved service to Village Residents.

Discussion of Fence Ownership and Maintenance of Wooden Fence located at the end of Kathleen Avenue at Virgil Avenue bordering the Domino’s Pizza parking lot.

Heidi Warren Motioned to Adjourn at 8:25pm.  Mike Edwards Seconded Motion for Adjounment.  Remaining Board Members Present Voted to Adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned 8:25 pm.



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