monthly meeting minutes December 2016

The Village of Wilbur Park
St. Louis County, MO 63123
December 20, 2016
Monthly Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 7:00pm. All Board Members present. Village Attorney Bob Paster in attendance. St. Louis County Police Sgt Absolon in attendance. One Village Residents in attendance.

2. November 2016 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as presented.
3. Treasurer’s Report for November 2016 presented by JC Wheeler.
November 2016 Total Income $ 11,980.34
Total Expense $ 6,336.04
Net Income (Loss) $ 5644.30
November 2016 Income Statement presented. Balance Sheet at November 30, 2016 presented.
January through November 2016 Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual presented.
Sewer Lateral report for November 2016 presented.

4. First Reading of Ordinance 016-003. An Ordinance Amending Titles IV: Land Use, and Title V: Building and Construction, Of The Village Of Wilbur Park, Missouri Code by Amending Section 400.020(A)(1)(a) Defining a Family ; By Amending Section 505.030(A) To Specify Fees for Erecting or Razing a Building or Retaining Wall; By Amending Section 505.030 To Add A New Section (C); By Amending Section 505.040 To Add A New Section (E) Adding An Application Fee; By Amending Section 505.070 Defining Minor Repairs; By Amending Section 505.130 Providing for Penalties; By Amending Section 510.020 Regarding Excavation Permit Fees and Bonds And Backfilling; By Adding a New Section 515.435 Regarding Occupancy Permit Fees; By Amending Section 515.440 Regarding Content of Occupancy Permit; By Amending Section 515.600 Regarding Penalties For Violations; Providing For The Current Maintenance of This Code; Providing for The Effective Date Of This Ordinance; And Providing For The Repeal Of All Conflicting Ordinances.
A brief discussion of permit fee changes was provided by Bob Paster. All Board Members will review Ordinances for Corrections, Additions, Deletions.

5. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Joe Wilhite.
Discussion of Construction Equipment and Materials left on Virgil Avenue by Contractors working on Philo Avenue. Bob to research possible Ordinance Violations for leaving Supplies and Equipment on Village Property.

6. November 2016 Police Activity Report presented by Sgt. Absolon.
Total Calls for Service: 202 Self-Initiated Calls: 3
Total Contract Patrols: 185 Directed Calls: 7
Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols 1916.20 Reports Written: 0
Average Minutes per Contract Patrol 10.4 Total Arrests: 0

7. Solid Waste Hauling Report presented by Dan Kaestner.
A refund of Waste Management Fees was negotiated for the interruption in Services during the Road Construction on Philo Avenue. No other Waste Management Issues.

8. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.
No Yard Sale Permits issued for November. No Other Issues to Report.

9. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.
Discussion of County Ordinance Violations issued to problem property on Rosemary. Necessary repairs to the porch have begun as a result of these Ordinance Violations.

10. New Business
Bob Paster will review Ordinance 016-003 and make any necessary corrections or updates as discussed with the Board.

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