Monthly Minutes March 2014

  • The Village of Wilbur ParkSt. Louis County, MO  63123March 18, 2014

    Monthly Minutes


    1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. Ben Gathard and Sue Schleicher not in attendance.  Louis County Police Captain Chris Stocker in attendance.  St. Louis County Fireman Aaron Rhodes in attendance. No Village residents in attendance.


    1. February 2014 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as presented.
    2. Treasurer’s Report for February 2014 presented by JC Wheeler.

    February 2014            Total Income            $12,004.56

                                   Total Expense          $  9,174.36                                                    

    Net Income (Loss)    $  2,830.20

    Balance Sheets as of February 28, 2014 presented.  Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual for February 2014            .

    presented.   Sewer Lateral Fund for February 2014 presented.


    1. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren.

    No permits issued.  Four homes under inspection.  No road issues to report.  American Water stated its intent to work together with MSD on the upcoming Project Clear project on Philo, Rosemary, and Kathleen Avenues.


    1. Louis County Police Captain Chris Stocker spoke about the overall crime rate trending down. Car break-ins are continuing.  Captain Stocker emphasized the need to keep valuables out of sight and vehicles locked.  The police activity report was read by Captain Stocker and is as follows:


    Total Contract Patrols 164                                                    Total Other Patrols   9

    Total time on Contract Patrols   1507 minutes                  Total time on Other Patrols  66 minutes

    Average minutes per Contract Patrols  9.19 minutes       Average minutes per Other Patrols  7.3 minutes


    St. Louis County Fireman Aaron Rhodes spoke and thanked the Village for their support of the passage of the tax increase two years ago.  Increased funding provided an additional ambulance being placed in service at the Seibert station. Manpower was also increased by six employees.  Mutual aid provided by bordering districts decreased from 799 calls per year to approximately 200 calls per year as a result of the additional ambulance being placed in service.


    A discussion of the open burning law in St. Louis County followed.  The Village of Wilbur Park prohibits burning within 50 feet of structures.  Burning is further prohibited except for cooking or warmth.  Burned materials are restricted to charcoal, wood, and wood chips.  Burning leaves is in violation of the Village Ordinance.


    1. Solid Waste Hauling Report not presented due to Ben Gathard’s absence.


    1. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

    No Yard/Estate sale permits issued.  No activity to report.


    1. Special Projects report not presented due to Sue Schleicher’s absence..



    1. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.

    The Chairman’s Report was included in the earlier discussions of the crime report, the benefits of the tax

    increase to the Fire and EMS protection in the Affton community, and the Village of Wilbur Park Ordinance   regarding open burning.


    1. New Business

    No new business or other issues presented.


    Meeting adjourned 7:45PM.










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