2016 Fall/Winter Newsletter

2016 Fall/Winter Newsletter

The Village of Wilbur Park
P.O. Box 4339
St. Louis, MO 63123

2017 Meeting Dates
Meetings will be held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Parish Center at St.
George Church  7 P.M. -9 P.M.
4974 Heege Rd, 63123
All residents are encouraged to attend.

When and if you are to sell your home, the Recycle carts must stay with the house, they are the property of the Village of Wilbur Park. Green carts for Recycling only.

•  Household Waste Pickup is Tuesday
• Recycling Pickup is Wednesday
•  Rubbish/Yard Waste Pickup is Wednesday (April 1st-December 31st)

Remember household waste is to be put in fly tight containers with lids. This helps
eliminate bags being torn open by animals.
• For concerns and pick up issues please contact WM at 866-570-4702

You are able to register Garage Sales online, view Minutes from the meetings, post events and more!
Please log-on to www.villageofwilburpark.com to sign up to be part of the mailing list.

All yard waste must be in cans or in recyclable brown bags. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be picked up.   Residents are allowed one free bulk pick up on a quarterly basis. (excludes white goods). Call Waste Management for pick up schedule (866-570-4702).
•  Circles are not a dumping site; trash and yard waste are not permitted.

Occupancy Permits
•   When a change of occupancy takes place in any dwelling in Wilbur Park, whether the dwelling is to be rented or sold, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to request an inspection through the Building & Road Commissioner.  There is no charge for the  inspection.

Building Permits
A permit must be secured for all additions or improvements. Repairs on existing structures do not require a permit “e.g. roofs/windows/driveways/sidewalks”.

Garage Sales
•  A permit is required and residents should contact Village Clerk.
•  One sale every 12 months
•  Sale to be conducted for a period no longer than two consecutive days.

Upcoming Elections
• More information to come soon on filing of papers

•   The Village ordinances state “no person shall maintain in his/her private property more than 2 pets at any one time. “Pet” is defined as a domesticated animal (No Chickens).
•   For safety, The Village requires pet owners to leash their dogs while walking in the Village.
•  Please be courteous to your neighbors and promptly pick up after your animal.

Sewer Lateral Program
•   The Village charges an annual assessment fee of $50 to participate in the Sewer Lateral
• The Village has 214 homes, $50.00 per home = $10,700.00 and the avg Sewer lateral Bill has been in the neighborhood of $2,200.00.  Possibility exists the Sewer lateral Treasury will be dissipated before 12/31 of each year.
•   For more information on the program please log on to www.stlouisco.com or call 314-615- 8427.

Responsibility of Homeowner
•  Keep weeds, tall grass and brush on your property cut and removed.
• Keep trees properly trimmed
•   Sidewalk and driveways repaired/replaced as needed
•   Please do not block driveway or sidewalk with parked vehicles.

Safety Reminders:

• If possible, keep your car parked inside of a garage instead of on your drive-way or on the
• Always lock your vehicle, even  if you are only leaving for a few minutes.
• NEVER leave a running vehicle unattended.
• Don’t leave valuables in your car. If you do, make sure they are kept out of plain sight-hide them under a blanket, or better yet, lock them in your trunk.
• When transporting valuables, place them in the trunk before you get to the location where you intend to park. Don’t transfer them at the parking place in open view of other people.

Joseph E. Wilhite  Chairman              314-631-3963      JWilhite(villageofwilburpark.com
J. C. Wheeler          Treasurer              314-638-3499 JCWheeler@villageofwilburpark.com Neal Vohsen           Village Clerk         314-323-1526 NVohsen@villageofwilburpark.com Frank Lydon           Roads & Building 314-606-1150 Flydon@villageofwilburpark.com
Dan Kaestner, Waste Coord, 314.276.2342 – dkaestner@villageofwilburpark.com

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