Monthly Meeting Minutes – May 16, 2023



May 16, 2023

1) Meeting Called to order at 7:02 PM. Board Members Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren, Mike
Edwards, J.C. Wheeler present. Village Attorney Bob Paster present. Officer Anthony
Dittmann, Affton precinct, present.

2) Swearing in of members: Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren, Ryan Richardson.

3) Nomination of Neal Vohsen as Chairman. Seconded and approved. Nomination of Heidi
Warren as Solid Waste Coordinator. Seconded and approved. Nomination of Ryan
Richardson as Village Clerk. Seconded and approved.

4) No minutes produced for May 2023 meeting.

5) May Police Report – Office Anthony Dittmann:
Update on police reader board situated at Kathleen and Weber, Officer Dittmann stated
that it is collecting data, but they are having issues with the display.
Total Calls for Service: 270
Reports Written: 1

6) April 2023 Treasurer’s Report presented by J.C. Wheeler
Total Income – 12227.84
Total Expense 6651.62
Net Income– 5576.22
Balance sheet presented
Available balance of Sewer Lateral fund is $12,626
9034 Kathleen Claim Paid out

7) Road and Building Commissioner’s Report – Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards resigned due to moving out of the village. Mike will transfer all electronic
files to Chairman

8) Solid Waste Management Report – Heidi Warren
Nothing to report

Heidi Warren inquired on contact information for Village Clerk Ryan Richardson. Heidi
also presented her plans for the upcoming newsletter.

9) Village Clerk Report – No report from former clerk Donna Gravatt, who was not
present. Ryan Richardson said that he will be recording audio for all meetings going
forward and is willing to archive the meetings for posterity.

10) Chairman Report – Neal Vohsen – No New Business

11) New Business – None

12) Floor Questions
Ray Hemmingway, 9042 Kathleen Ave –was recognized by Chairman Vohsen. Regarding
discussion of possible flood damage at his property.
Ray presented photo evidence to the board of flood damage from September 2022 and
from May 2023. Ray claimed on May 13, 2023 that a storm and resulting flash flooding caused 2
feet of water to get into his garage and that the resulting flooding caused around $5,000 of
personal property. Ray claimed that this was a result of negligence of the village from the
September 2022 asphalt apron installation near his home along the storm gutter on Kathleen
Ray is wanting the issue fixed, and presented the board with options for remedy for his
personal property and real property.
J.C. Wheeler recommended to take Ray’s statement under advisement and that this be
put under review to address the street and the drain. Mike Edwards advised the board to
secure an engineer to evaluate the situation. Ray requested a time frame of resolution, board
presented no time frame of further steps.
Audio of this excerpt is stored and can be presented to the engineering firm, once one is

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