Monthly Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2023



April 18, 2023 

1. An In-person Meeting was called to Order at the Affton Fire Station at 7:05. Board Members Neal Vohsen,JC Wheeler, Heidi Warren, Mike Edwards and Donna Gravatt were present. Village Attorney Bob Paster and Officer Dan Schroeder present. Four residents were in attendance.

2. March 2023 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted.

3. March 2023 Police Activity Report
Total Calls for Service: 302 Self-Initiated Calls: 3
Total Contract Patrols: 271 Directed Calls: 16
Reports Written: 2 Summonses Issued: 0
Total Arrests: 0
Average Minutes per Contract Patrol: 9.9
Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols: 2690.8
The new Affton Precinct should be ready to open January 2024.
There have eleven stolen vehicles: 4 with keys in them, 2 running, but no Kia’s and no Hynundai.
Two firearms were stolen: one in an unlocked vehicle and one got a window smashed.
No update on the Flock cameras. Dan will check on this.
Dan had some conversations with a few resident regarding unlicensed vehicles and getting removed

4. Treasurer’s Report for March 2023 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income $9,170.99
Total Expense $9,742.12
Net Income -$571.13
The current balance sheet, as of March 31, 2023, has been updated.
Sewer Lateral account has a balance of $15,682.63. There may be a potential upcoming sewer later fix
at 9034 Kathleen.
Prop P funds are now $50,192.98.

5. Road & Building Commissioner’s Report
Mike asked if we could use the speed trailer to help with fast cars going up and down the streets.
Mike will be moving in May, so the May monthly meeting will be his last.

6. Waste Management Report by Heidi Warren
Nothing to report.
7. Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.
Nothing to report.

Donna did not file for re-election, so the May meeting will be her last.

8. Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.
Neal emailed a landscaper and has not yet heard back.
Residents are talking about the increase in property values and thus property taxes.

9. New Business
Bob will forward a copy of the Bella Villa contract to Dan.
Heidi will be working on the newsletter and will add the new Trustee Information.
One of the residents in attendance is requesting the ordinances be put back on the website.
Ryan is now the new Trustee and will be sworn in during the May monthly meeting. Donna gave him an
old ordinance book and the Village of Wilbur Park clerk seal.

10. Meeting adjourned at 7:50.

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