Monthly Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2023



September 19, 2023

1)Meeting Called to order at 7:00 PM. Board Members Neal Vohsen, J.C. Wheeler, Heidi  Warren, Ryan Richardson present. Village Attorney Bob Paster present. Officer Cecilia  Young present. Quorum met.  

2) Chairman Vohsen moved for the minutes for August’s meeting to be approved.  Accepted.  

3) August 2023 Police Report – Officer Cecilia Young:  

New community relations officer, Officer Dan Schroeder got promoted to a different  precinct.  

Total calls for service: 291 

19 directed calls 

10 self-initiated calls 

2 reports written 

261 contract patrols 

Total time in minutes spent on contract patrols in minutes 2,982.6 

Average minutes per contract patrol: 11.4 

Group discussion flock camera, mainly the saved time on the installation and activation  which Officer Schroeder will be helping with Officer Young. 

4) August 2023 Treasurer’s Report presented by J.C. Wheeler 

Total Income: 12,916.20 

Total Expense: 13,513.69 

Net Income: (597.29) 

Balance sheet presented 

5) Road and Building interim Commissioner’s Report – Chairman Vohsen Vohsen is still exploring options for filling the commissioner’s spot including possibly  contracting the position.  

9026 Rosemary – Occupancy 

4121 Hershey – Occupancy 

9030 Kathleen – Occupancy 

9045 Rosemary – Zoning 

9047 Rosemary – Zoning

6) Solid Waste Management Report 

Commissioner Warren – No report to add. 

7) Village Clerk Report – Clerk Richardson – No Report to add. Verified that the website is  broken as far as the garage sale email is concerned.  

8) Chairman’s Report – Neal Vohsen No New Business. Reviewed previous statements  included in other reports.  

9) New Business – No New Business 

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