Monthly Meeting Minutes – July 18, 2023



July 18, 2023

1) Meeting Called to order at 7:00 PM. Board Members Neal Vohsen, J.C. Wheeler, Ryan
Richardson present. Village Attorney Bob Paster present. Officer Dan Schroeder                    present.
Absent: Heidi Warren. Quorum met.

2) Chairman Vohsen moved for the minutes for June’s meeting to be approved. Accepted.

3) June 2023 Police Report – Officer Dan Schroeder:
Total calls for service: 254
13 directed calls
4 self-initiated calls
1 report written
227 contract patrols
Total time in minutes spent on contract patrols in minutes 2,414.2
Average minutes per contract patrol: 10.6
Group discussion flock camera, mainly the time on contract based around the install
date and operational date.

4) June 2023 Treasurer’s Report presented by J.C. Wheeler
Total Income: 14,022.33
Total Expense: 5,841.50
Net Income: 7861.70
Balance sheet presented
Available balance of Sewer Lateral fund is $5,480.17
Wheeler is currently seeking bids and recommendations on the planters on Philo.
J.C. Wheeler also presented the annual report for the village’s financials, per
requirement of the state of Missouri
Total Income: 146,598.20
Total Expense: 133,527.00
Net Income: 13,070.56

5) Road and Building interim Commissioner’s Report – Chairman Vohsen
Vohsen is exploring options for filling the commissioner’s spot.
Issued an occupancy permit 9030 Kathleen Ave.
Zoning approval for 4813 Autumn – electrical and plumbing upgrades

6) Solid Waste Management Report
Commissioner Warren – No report to add.

7) Village Clerk Report – Commissioner Richardson – one issued garage sale permit, 9045
Rosemary, created a Google calendar for the garage sales, gave mail to J.C. Wheeler for
a bill. Working on creating a G-Drive for future document storage.

8) Chairman’s Report – Neal Vohsen – No New Business. Reviewed previous statements
included in other reports.

9) New Business – J.C. Wheeler presented two bids for landscaping for planters for Virgil
and Philo: DoneRight Landscaping and Shelton Landscaping
DoneRight Landscaping bid: 8,836.24
Shelton Landscaping: (recording cut during the announcement, but did state that it was
less than the DoneRight bid)
Wheeler will get updated dates for the bids, and the board will vote on approval during
the August meeting.

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