Monthly Meeting Minutes – September 20, 2022



September 20, 2022


  1. An In-person Meeting was called to Order at the Affton Fire Station at 7:00.  Board Members Neal Vohsen, Mike Edwards, JC Wheeler and Heidi Warren present.  Donna Gravatt attended via video feed.  Village Attorney Bob Paster and two residents were present. Officer Dan Schroeder was absent.

2.August 2022 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted with the revision of the County             Courts contract expiring on August 1.

3.July 2022 Police Activity Report

No report received

4. Treasurer’s Report for August 2022 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income $12,878.34
Total Expense   $7,508.47
  Net Income $5,369.87

          Note that one CD needs to be updated on the report.

          Sewer Lateral account has a balance of $6,343.00. 

         The County is not honoring the new sewer lateral program.  Bob said he will call the              County because he discussed the proposed changes and the County said it was ok.                JC said it may be hung up in the County’s Legal Department.  If the proposed Sewer               Lateral program is not accepted by the County, JC may close the Escrow Account.

            The Prop P fund is now $59,078.82

5. Road & Building Commissioner’s Report presented by Mike Edwards.

          Pothole repairs have been completed including the driveway aprons.  Good feedback             has been made by the residents and the water build up after rain seems to be ok.

           There is a tree at Philo and Weber that needs to be trimmed.  

6. Waste Management Report by Heidi Warren

         The lady on Wayne with the lid issues on her trash container is very happy. Waste                 Management dropped off one of their large trash bins.

7.  Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.

           Nothing to report

8.  Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

          Nothing to report

9.  New Business

      Bob Paster says Bella Villa is ready to handle Wilbur Park’s court cases and he is                    drafting a contract.  Wilbur Park doesn’t have many court cases and Bella Villa will               keep all proceeds of any fines.

       JC gave us an overview of the Flock cameras.  Two cameras would cost $11,000 and             under a 2-year contract.  If they are damaged, it would be our cost to replace.  Wilbur           Park would like to donate to the St. Louis County police department.  One camera can         monitor two lanes of traffic at a time.  Wilbur Park will need approval from St. Louis             County to install in a right-of-way.

10. Motion to adjourn made by JC and seconded by Neal.  Meeting adjourned at 7:28.

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