Monthly Meeting Minutes – August 16, 2022



August 16, 2022


  1. An In-person Meeting was called to Order at the Affton Fire Station at 7:00.  Board Members Neal Vohsen, Mike Edwards, JC Wheeler, Heidi Warren and Donna Gravatt present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster, Officer Dan Schroeder and Three residents were present.
  2. July 2022 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted.
  3. July 2022 Police Activity Report by Officer Dan Schroeder

           Total Calls for Service: 230                                                         Self-Initiated Calls:  3

           Total Contract Patrols: 216                                                         Directed Calls:  4

          Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols: 2640.1    Reports Written: 0

          Average Minutes Per Patrol:  11.5                                               Summonses Issued:  0

         The Prop P money is now at $58,302.62.

Regarding fireworks, If the police are called and tells a resident to stop, the next call            ends up with a citation.

         The stealing of Kia and Hyundai vehicles is on the rise.  Catalytic converters are still             being stolen.  Walgreens (Hampton and Gravois) and Barrel & Blends both had grab            & run thefts.

       The police and Wilbur Park contract expires August 1.

The Flock cameras will cost $6100 for two and the Board would be mounted at Weber          and Dana.  The question was raised on the range of the camera?  Will it catch traffic              on both Weber and Dana?  The other camera we will let the police decide the best                  place for that one. 

       With these cameras, the police can enter a license place number and an alert will be             posted when a camera picks up that plate number.

The residents at this meeting brought to the attention of the police and the Board that          there is a vehicle at 9015 Philo that drives extremely fast through the street and drove          over the sidewalk at Philo and Virgil.  Dan said he will visit the address tomorrow.

       JC mentioned that the planter barriers at Virgil are not keep cars from driving                        through the grass from the other side.  Should we look into more planters?  Or                        bollards?

4.  Treasurer’s Report for July 2022 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income                                         $11,219.77
Total Expense                                         $6,599.13
  Net Income                                         $4,660.64

            Sewer Lateral account has a balance of $5,891.51. The Escrow account is up and                    running and no one is currently on the Sewer Lateral Wait List.

5.  Road & Building Commissioner’s Report presented by Mike Edwards.

           Several occupancy permits requested.

         Concern abouts water pooling on Kathleen. Neal will call and meet with asphalt                     company to see what can be done.

6. Waste Management Report by Heidi Warren

           Resident on Wayne has had trouble with the lids to her trash containers.  Says the                 trash company lost her lid.  Does not have large containers with attached lid. That is             not a requirement of Waste Management.  Any container will do, but Wilbur Park                 requires lids to keep the trash contained and the animals out.

7. Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.

           Nothing to report

8. Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

         All topics were already discussed.

9. New Business

           Bob Paster is updating ordinances since Wilbur Park is no longer under the St.                       Louis County’s ordinances.  Is still looking for attorney.

Resident in attendance concerned for bats under eaves.  He knows bats are                             protected and cannot destroy.  Will try to use other measures to get them to vacate.

10.  Motion to adjourn made by JC and seconded by Neal.  Meeting adjourned at 8:01.

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