Monthly Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2022



April 19, 2022


  1. Meeting called to Order at 7:02.  Board Members Neal Vohsen, Mike Edwards, JC Wheeler, Heidi Warren and Donna Gravatt present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster and Police Officer Dan Schroeder also present.   We are in a web meeting because of  COVID-19.

2.  April 2022 Police Activity Report  by Officer Dan Schroeder

                Total Calls for Service: 286                                                            Self-Initiated Calls:  4

                 Total Contract Patrols: 264                                                           Directed Calls:  9

                 Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols: 2002        Reports Written: 2

                Average Minutes Per Patrol:  11.4                                                Summonses Issued:  0

A sexual assault was reported at Bayless Elementary School.  The special enforcement team will be focusing on areas hit hard by larceny like Budrovich, Shaeffer Electric, Green Park area.  The perps are wearing masks and gloves.  Police are working midnights for this reason.

Neal asked about the ordinance in Richmond Heights regarding the checking of car door handles.  Bob said St. Louis County also wants to pass this type of ordinance.  Wilbur Park can go along with the County or if the County does not pass, we can adopt our own.

3.Treasurer’s Report for April 2022 presented by JC Wheeler

Total Income    $11,288.39
Total Expense    $15,039.32
  Net Income                     -$3,750.93

April 2022 Profit & Loss Statement presented.  Balance Sheet as of April 30, 2022.  The Public Safety Fund balance is $58,651.27.

The Stalker Radar invoice has been received.  St. Louis County Police Department will not pay.  No Ordinance is needed because we passed the ordinance when purchased the equipment.  JC will pay.

On April 6, 2022, JC sent a check to the County in the amount of $3,217.53 for the Sewer Lateral and the balance is $3,904.00.  

JC will submit the financial report to the Auditor before 6-30-2022.

Neal asked who will let the residents know they need to submit a deposit for the Sewer Lateral work.  The County will let them know.  The Village will pay $2,500.00 for each sewer lateral repair max. and the resident will need to write a check for the balance of the estimate to The Village of Wilbur Park.  With that, Neal is listed on the bank account and Mike and Heidi will have to go and sign the signature card.  Bob will send of copy of the Sewer Lateral Ordinance to the County after Neal send him a copy.

Bob asked about the Damage by the Water Company on Autumn Circle.  Neal says its just landscape damage and Wilbur Park will not be contacting the Water Company.

4.April 2022 meeting minutes reviewed and accepted.

5.Road & Building Commissioner’s Report presented by Mike Edwards.

No major updates, just a couple of occupancy inspection requests.

6.Waste Management Report

A couple of weeks ago, there was no yard waste pick up on Autumn.  Heidi contacted Waste Management several times and they not return the contact.  Two weeks of yard waste was picked up the next week.

7. Village Clerk Report presented by Donna Gravatt.

Nothing to report

8. Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

There are two green trash cans remaining.  Let’s get rid of the storage unit.  It costs $180/year.

What is going on with the planter boxes and the island?  JC said we need to pursue this is the winter.  Spring is too late and we have not gotten any responses from landscaping companies.  JC would like to remove the trees in the plants. When we get these areas landscaped, The Village will reimburse a resident’s water bill during the water months to make sure the landscaping looks nice. 

Discussed 9041 Kathleen, they are next to the 4039 vacant house.  They had a tree limb from the 4039 tree fall on their car.  They have taken pictures and spoken to a lawyer.  Not only is the front yard at 4039 in terrible condition, so is the back yard.  Since Bob said it is a Threat to Health and Safety, we will give notice to fix in 7-10 days or we will put a lien on the house.  Neal will contact Ray’s Tree Service and Dad and Lad to get the outside of the house cleaned up.  The property is schedule for the August 2022 Tax Sale with delinquent taxes of $8,354.39.

Neal wants information on the Human Services Block Grant and would like to get in the program because there are a few homes in terrible condition.

9. New Business

Is it time to change to “in-person” meetings?  We are on a month-to-month payment to Webex, no contract.   Should we use the meeting room at the Fire Station or go back to where we used to have meeting?  We will address this in April when Heidi is back.

May 2022 meeting will be held at the Fire Department meeting room.  Anyone can video conference in if that is more comfortable.

10.Motion to adjourn made by Neal and JC seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:58.

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