Monthly Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2019

The Village of Wilbur Park

St. Louis County, MO  63123

May 14, 2019

Monthly Minutes


  1. Meeting Called to Order at 7:04 pm. Board Members  JC Wheeler, Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren,  and Mike Edwards present.  Village Attorney Bob Paster in attendance.   Affton Southwest Precinct Officer Dan Schroeder was also present.  Two residents were also in attendance.


  1. April 2019 meeting minutes reviewed.  Minutes stand as presented.


  1. New officers were sworn in – Neal Vohsen, Heidi Warren and Donna Gravatt.


  1. Treasurer’s Report for April 2019 presented by JC Wheeler.

April   2019          Total Income      $  12,212.52

Total Expense    $   11,911.12

Net Income        $       301.40

April 2019 Profit & Loss Statement presented.  Balance Sheet as of April 30, 2019.  Profit & Loss   Budget vs. Actual for the period January 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019.  Sewer Lateral Municipal Receipts report presented.  Treasury Reports stand as presented.

Sunshine request – all information requested has been sent.  All of our obligations have been met at this time.


  1. Road & Bldg. Commissioners Report presented by Mike Edwards.

No permits issued.

2 occupancy permits passed – Wayne and Overton

Mike checking into “No parking” on Virgil with the Affton Fire Department


  1. April 2019 Police Activity Report presented by Dan Schroeder.

Total Calls for Service:  189                                                                          Self-Initiated Calls:  1

Total Contract Patrols:  173                                                                         Directed Calls:  9

Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols   1845.2                    Reports Written:  0

Average Minutes per Contract Patrol    10.7                                            Total Arrests:  0

The same issue in the area – Items left in cars.  In Indian Hills area, houses have been broken into.


  1. Waste Management Report presented by Heidi Warren

9127 Wayne needs new trash recycling container.  JC and Neal will get the container out of storage and deliver.


  1. Village Clerk report by Neal Vohsen

No garage/yard sale permits.


  1. Chairman’s Report by Neal Vohsen.

Police contract is due for renewal.

We can use Prop P funds to pay for police service.

Invite was received to meet new County Council Sam Paige.

Donna attended new representatives meeting.

  1. New Business

Water issues on Rosemary – 5 out of 22 neighbors have standing water in their backyard and basements

JC working on annual report due 6/30


  1. Motion to adjourn the meeting made by JC.  Mike seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 7:52.
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