Monthly Meeting Minutes – March 19, 2019

The Village of Wilbur Park

St. Louis County, MO 63123

March 19, 2019

Monthly Minutes

1. Meeting Called to Order at 7:00pm. Board Members, Neal Vohsen, JC Wheeler, and Mike Edwards present. Village Attorney Bob Paster in attendance. Affton Southwest Precinct Officer Dan Schroeder in attendance. Two Village Residents in attendance.

2. January 2019 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as Presented. No February 2019 meeting minutes presented due to cancellation of February due to inclement weather.

3. Treasurer’s Report for January 2019 and February 2019 presented by JC Wheeler.                    January 2019

Total Income       $13,909.58

Total Expenses   $  9,301.41

Net Income          $  4,608.17

February 2019

Total Income        $9,520.82

Total Expenses      $9,186.45

Net Income            $   334.37

January 2019 and February 2019 Profit & Loss Statement presented. Balance Sheet as of February 28, 2019 presented. Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual for the period January through February 2019 presented. Sewer Lateral Municipal Receipts report for March 2019 presented. Snow Removal Report for the period November 2018 through March 6, 2019 presented.

4. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Mike Edwards. No Building Permits or Occupancy Permits issued during January and February 2019. Street Pothole and Sewer Lateral Repair work at 9119 Wayne Drive discussed. Village of Wilbur Park Bid Process – Request for Bids discussed. Bob Paster to research Bid Requirements for Street Work.

5. February 2019 Police Activity Report presented by Officer Dan Schroeder.

Total Calls for Service: 161

Self-Initiated Calls: 7

Total Contract Patrols: 161

Directed Calls: 6

Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols 1612.2

Reports Written: 2

Average Minutes per Contract Patrol 10.0

Total Arrests: 0

Affton Southwest Precinct has moved to temporary quarters at 9059 Watson Road as a result of unsafe conditions identified at Precinct located on Gravois Road. Regular Operations and Police Response Times will be unaffected by the temporary move. Construction of a New Affton Southwest Precinct located at Gravois Road at Sappington Road will begin soon.

6. Chairman’s Report presented by Neal Vohsen. Bob Paster discussed two Procedure and Policy Manuals he is working on. Investment Procedure and Policy Manual and a Record Retention Policy will be completed in that order.

7. New Business

JC Wheeler introduced two proposals for consideration to provide possible solutions to the Sewer Lateral Program funds deficiency. A Sewer Lateral Expense Cap was discussed as a way to extend the annual funds which will make funding available to more Village Residents. A Sewer Lateral Reimbursement Program was also discussed. An External Water protection program provided by Service Line Warranties of America was presented with contact information. This Service Line Protection is currently available to Bella Villa Homeowners.

The Board Approved rescheduling the Meeting dates for the months of April and May. The April meeting was rescheduled to April 23. The May meeting was rescheduled to May 14.

JC Wheeler Motioned to Adjourn at 8:15pm. Mike Edwards Seconded Motion. Meeting Adjourned 8:15 pm.

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