monthly meeting minutes May 2016

The Village of Wilbur Park
St. Louis County, MO 63123
May 17, 2016
Monthly Minutes

1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. All Board Members present. No Village Residents in attendance.
2. April 2016 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as presented.
3. Treasurer’s Report for April 2016 presented by JC Wheeler.
April 2016 Total Income $11,712.99
Total Expense $ 5,310.21
Net Income (Loss) $ 6,402.78
April 2016 Income Statement presented. Balance Sheet at April 30, 2016 presented.
2016 Budget vs. Actual presented. Sewer Lateral report for April 2016 presented.
Discussion of The Village of Wilbur Park Investment Holdings and Diversification.

4. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren.
No Road Issues to report. One Property on Hershey to be inspected. Three Letters outlining Property Maintenance Deficiencies previously sent to Homeowners discussed. Rich to update letters regarding Maintenance Deficiencies and present to Village Attorney for notice to Residents.

5. Solid Waste Hauling Report presented by Frank Lydon.
No Waste Management Issues to Report.

6. April 2016 Police Activity Report presented by Joe Wilhite.
Total Contract Patrols 189 5 Self-Initiated Calls
Total Time in Minutes Spent on Contract Patrols 1899.4 3 Directed Calls
Average Minutes per Contract Patrol 10.0 1 Report Written

7. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.
No Garage/Yard Sale Permits issued.

8. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.
No Issues to Report or Discuss.

9. New Business
Bob Paster, Village Attorney, attended a Municipal Attorney’s Conference on Municipal Websites and offered these tips. Municipal Website is not a Public Forum. Links on Website should not be provided.

Rich Warren motioned to Adjourn. JC Wheeler seconded motion to Adjourn.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM.

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