Monthly Minutes April 2015

The Village of Wilbur Park

St. Louis County, MO  63123

April 21, 2015

Monthly Minutes


  1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. Frank Lydon and Sue Schleicher not in attendance.  Louis County Police Officer Dan Schroeder in attendance.  No Village residents in attendance.


  1. March 2015 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as presented.
  2. Treasurer’s Report for March 2015 presented by JC Wheeler.

March 2015                 Total Income              $10,377.91

                               Total Expense            $11, 730.69                                                    

Net Income (Loss)     $(1352.78)

Balance Sheet  as of March 2015 presented.  Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual for March 2015 presented.

Sewer Lateral Report for March 2015 presented.


  1. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren.

Two houses currently under inspection.  Potholes and Curbing has been repaired on Philo and Rosemary.  Street Sign at Rosemary and Virgil to be repaired and reinstalled.


  1. Solid Waste Hauling Report presented by Rich Warren.

Frank Lydon will begin training on maintenance of The Village web site. No issues to report.

  1. March Police Activity Report presented by Louis County Police Officer Dan Schroeder.

Total Contract Patrols 189                                                   Total Other Patrols  18

Total time on Contract Patrols   1843 minutes                Total time on Other Patrols  170 minutes

Average minutes per Contract Patrols    9.75                   Average minutes per Other Patrols  9.44


  1. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

No Yard/Garage Sale permits issued. April 2015 General Municipal Election results discussed.


  1. Special Projects report.

No Special Projects issues to report.


  1. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.

Discussion of trailer parked on Rosemary Avenue.  Ordinances require the trailer to be parked in driveway and behind the front of the house.  Copy of the Ordinance will be provided to the trailer owner.


  1. New Business

No new business or other issues presented.  No Questions from the floor.

Meeting adjourned 7:35 PM.


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