Monthly Minutes August 2012

The Village of Wilbur Park St. Louis, MO 63123
August 21, 2012 – Monthly Minutes


1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. All Board Members in attendance. St. Louis County Police Officer John Wheeler in attendance. Four Village residents in attendance.

2. July 2012 minutes reviewed. Meeting minutes stand as presented.

3. Treasurer’s Report for July 2012 presented by Treasurer JC Wheeler.

June 2012 Total Income $ 11,276.60

Total Expense $ 6,386.87

Net Income(Loss) $ 4,889.73

Balance Sheet as of July 31, 2012 presented. Profit and Loss Budget – January through July 2012

discussed. Sewer Lateral Report discussed. MSD General Obligation Bonds report provided to MSD and file

copy provided to Village Clerk.

4. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren and Joe Wilhite.

Two occupancy permits issued. Two homes being reinspected. Joe reported a hole in the road leaking water was discovered on Rosemary Avenue. A large section will be cut around hole to view the area beneath the road in an attempt to determine the cause and source of the underground water.
5. Solid Waste Hauling Report presented by Ben Gathard..

No resident complaint calls received. Ben read a letter received from a resident on Autumn Dr. who expressed thanks and appreciation for the service provided by the Waste Management route driver. Joe requested Ben send a letter to Waste Management, on behalf of the Board, recognizing the exceptional service being provided by Dan, the route driver.

Police report presented by Chairman Joe Wilhite.

Total Contract patrols 178 1868 minutes spent Average minutes per Contract Patrols 10.50

Total Other Patrols 8 157 minutes spent Average minutes per Other Patrols 19.68

6. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

No Yard Sale/Garage Sale Permits issued.

7. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.

Sherwood Forest trees planted in village have become drought stressed. Sherwood Forest will replace one under contract. Village of Wilbur Park will be responsible for replacement of two trees.

MSD’s $4.7 billion dollar infrastructure improvement project will cause bills to gradually increase over time. The first incremental increase is appearing on current bills.

Joe requested Bob to send bills to residents for sidewalk repairs not paid and in arrears.

8. Special Projects Report presented by Sue Schleicher.

Waste Grant Program has been surrendered to another municipality due to problems with data reporting requirements imposed.

9. New Business

Two Kathleen Avenue residents reported an overgrowth of weeds and vegetation from a neighboring vacant property which is extending over the fence and onto their property. Bob will send letter to property owner to correct, and if not corrected within seven days, the Village will declare the property a nuisance and trim the weeds. A Tax Lien against the property will then be issued.

Two Overton Avenue residents reported growth from a dead tree on a neighboring vacant property extending onto their property and creating a spider infestation and a danger to the neighborhood children. Research indicates the home is in foreclosure and is owned by US Bank. Bob will send US Bank a letter requesting the removal of the tree and if not removed the Village will declare a nuisance and contract the tree removal.

Meeting adjourned 7:50pm.

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