Monthly Minutes June 2014

The Village of Wilbur Park

St. Louis County, MO  63123

June 12, 2014

Monthly Minutes


  1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. All Board members present.  Louis County Police Officer Dan Schroeder in attendance.


  1. May 2014 meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as presented
  2. Oath of Office – JC Wheeler, Treasurer
  3. Treasurer’s Report for May 2014 presented by JC Wheeler.

May 2014                     Total Income            $10,454.08

                                Total Expense          $  5,729.94                                                    

Net Income (Loss)   $  4,724.14

Balance Sheets as of May 31, 2014 presented.  Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual January through May 2014            .        presented.   Sewer Lateral Fund for May 2014 presented.  Sewer Lateral funds remitted to St. Louis County.


  1. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren.

Two houses under inspection.  Two houses pending inspection.  Permit issued to Missouri American Water Company for excavation and replacement of water line on Virgil and Philo Av enues.  Permit included fee to contract St. Louis County Public Works to inspect completed job.


  1. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.

Yard sale to be held at 9144 Overton on Saturday, June 14.  No other issues to report.


  1. Police activity report presented by Chairman Joe Wilhite.

Total Contract Patrols 210                                                    Total Other Patrols   9

Total time on Contract Patrols   1888 minutes                  Total time on Other Patrols  47 minutes

Average minutes per Contract Patrols  9.00 minutes       Average minutes per Other Patrols  5.2 minutes


  1. Special Projects report presented by Sue Schleicher.

Village newsletter in production and will be mailed to residents on Friday, June 13.


  1. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.

May 18, 2014 letter from Better Together read aloud.  Better Together is a group formed to study the possibility and economics of a merger between St. Louis County and St. Louis City.


  1. New Business

Discussion of Waste Management July 4 Holiday pickup schedule.


Meeting adjourned 7:30PM.





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