Monthly Minutes March 2012

The Village of Wilbur Park – St. Louis, MO 63123
March 20, 2012 – Monthly Minutes

  1. Meeting opened 7:00pm with all Board Members in attendance. Attorney Bob Paster absent. Five Village residents in attendance. Two St. Louis County police officers in attendance.
  2. February 2012 minutes reviewed. Minutes stand as presented.
  3. Treasurer’s Report for March 2012 presented by JC Wheeler.
    February 2012 Total Income $9,234.90
    Total Expense $6,565.36
    Net Income $2,669.54
    The Sewer Lateral Municipal receipts were presented. The available balance in the Sewer Lateral Fund currently stands at $3,443.79. No Expenditures from the Sewer Lateral Fund have been made during calendar year 2012.
  4. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren.
    No Inspections. No Occupancy Permits issued. Building permit issued to 4820 Weber for finished basement. Presented two street repair quotes for asphalt milling and asphalt overlay on Rosemary Ave. D & D Paving estimated repair costs at $33,172.00. Byrnes & Jones Construction estimated repair costs of $38,175.00. A discussion followed of the merits of both repair cost quotations, including the assurance from the winning contractor that the area where the asphalt street meets the driveway apron will be properly repaired. Rich Warren will draft notices to be distributed to Rosemary Ave residents advising them of street repair dates and any parking or street access restrictions.
    Handicapped Parking signs have been placed in front of 8717 S. Virgil per Ordinance 001-012. Stop sign located on S. Virgil at Philo Ave. has been replaced. Additional No Parking signs have been placed east of existing sign on S. Virgil at Rosemary Ave.
  5. Following the third and final reading of Ordinance 002-012, allowing the Village to enter into a contract with Bottle Rocket Creative for the development and design of the Village’s website, a motion to accept was made by JC Wheeler, seconded by Vernon Foerstel. Following a vote, Ordinance 002-012 was accepted. Sue will request the current web service contract be terminated.
  6. Solid Waste Hauling and Police Liaison Report presented by Vernon Foerstel.
    Danny’s Tree Service to remove tree on S. Virgil Ave. for $50.00. Bids received from Sherwood Forest Nursery at $220.00 per tree. A $114.00 planting fee will apply for each planted tree. Vernon will request/confirm planting fee to include soil inspection before planting.
  7. Police report presented by Chairman Joe Wilhite.
    Total Contract Patrols 177 1797 minutes spent Average minutes per Contract Patrols 10.15
    Total Other Patrols 20 311 minutes spent Average minutes per Other Patrols 15.53
    Chairman Joe Wilhite announced the 35th annual Memorial Breakfast will be held May 4th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 7750 Carondelet Ave, Clayton MO. A Uniform service will follow at 10:00AM. All Federal, Local,
    Municipal Officers and Firefighters lost in duty will be honored.
  8. Village Clerk Report presented by Neal Vohsen.
    Announced the General Municipal Election to be held Tuesday, April 3. Candidates JC Wheeler, Vernon Foerstel, and Ben Gathard will appear on the ballot to fill two positions.
  9. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.
    Charter Cable will offer new High Definition TV programming effective April 21, 2012. Customers notified by direct mail.
    Arndt Lawn Service letter received confirming lawn service care of landscape circles on Overton and Hershey.
  10. New Business
    Sue reported that that Dura Seal has completed all sidewalk repairs to the satisfaction of the Village.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

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