Monthly Minutes March 2013

The Village of Wilbur Park St. Louis, MO 63123
March 19, 2013 – Monthly Minutes

1. Meeting opened at 7:00pm. JC Wheeler not in attendance. All other Board members in attendance. Two Village residents in attendance. St. Louis County Police Officer Tim Rehagen in attendance.

2. February 2013 minutes reviewed. Meeting minutes stand as presented.

3. Treasurer’s Report for February 2013 presented by Joe Treasurer JC Wheeler.

February 2013 Total Income $10,082.52

Total Expense $6,345.49

Net Income(Loss) $3,737.03

Balance Sheet as of February 28, 2013 presented. Profit and Loss Statement presented.

4. Police report presented by Joe Wilhite.

Total Contract patrols 173 1588 minutes spent Average minutes of Contract Patrols 9.18

Total Other Patrols 13 200 minutes spent Average minutes of Other Patrols 15.37

5. Road and Building Commissioners Report presented by Rich Warren. One permit issued. 9035 Philo has passed inspection. Village resident at 9054 Rosemary commented that the new asphalt on Rosemary has created a steep drop off of the street to driveway area. Joe will speak to asphalt contractor about the possibility off of a filling of asphalt being added at drop off.

6. Police report presented by Neal Vohsen.

Total Contract patrols 192 1854 minutes spent Average minutes per Contract Patrols 9.66

Total Other Patrols 27 1586 minutes spent Average minutes per Other Patrols 58.73

7. Solid Waste Hauling Report presented by Ben Gathard.

No waste hauling issues to report. Residents are provided 2 bulk pickups per year. These must be scheduled in advance with Waste Management.

8. Village Clerk report presented by Neal Vohsen.

Bulletin Board has been brought up to date. No Garage/Yard sale activity to report.

9. Special Projects report presented by Sue Schleicher.

No new issues to report.

10. Chairman’s Report presented by Joe Wilhite.

Joe deferred to a Village resident in attendance who reported suspicious and/or criminal activity at 9052 Rosemary and requested the Village Board to intervene and to offer a solution to stop the activity. After discussion it was determined that the resident in question had failed to update the occupancy permit following a change in tenancy and was in violation of the Pet Ordinance. St. Louis County Police Officer Tim Rehagen provided a direct number to the Affton Precinct in order to speed response time when called upon.

Meeting adjourned 7:50pm.


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